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  • Short Film
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Completed
  • 1080p HD, 10mins


Meet Ken, a self-proclaimed modern man who lives and dies by his dating rulebook. But when Ken meets Cindy, a girl with her own list of deal breakers, he may just have to rewrite his whole book if he wants to land a second date. Can today's evolving singles survive the dating scene without the help of rules or tests? "Breaking The Rules" pokes fun at the unwritten laws of dating in a playful back-and-forth between Ken and Cindy's 'day after' conversations with friends, and the night of the first date as it happened.

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Cast: Elena Juatco, Sachin Sahel

Directed by: Kathy Leung

Writer(s): Kathy Leung, Matt Yoshikazu Gates

Producer(s): Robin Chan, Kathy Leung

Executive Producer(s): Peter Leung, Rob Neilson