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  • Feature Film
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Completed
  • 480p SD


Lucky Stars is a romantic comedy about career canines. Moira is devastated when her fiancee Peter and his dog Ronaldo announce that they are leaving her. She is even more crushed when she sees them a year later on a popular TV show. Against the advice of her friends, Moira pushes her new dog, Lucky, into an acting career. Everything appears to be going well for Moira and Lucky until Ronaldo books the lead in a television series pushing Moira over the edge of sanity and driving Lucky away. With the help of Lucky and talent agent Scott, Moira discovers that true happiness can only be found within herself.

Cast: Maureen Prentice, Peter Shinkoda

Directed by: Jason Margolis

Writer(s): Jason Margolis, Maureen Prentice

Producer(s): Maureen Prentice, Robin Chan, David Cameron