Portfolio > Mon Amour Mon Parapluie

  • Short Film
  • Drama
  • Completed
  • 35mm Film Print


After losing her beloved umbrella, a young woman realizes that nothing in her world will ever be the same. The unforgiving rain, the empty streets and her stark white apartment reflect her loss. After an unsuccessful hunt through the city, she surrenders and voices her frustration to the sky. At this moment a poem falls from the sky, filling her with resignation. Back at her apartment her umbrella appears. Has the umbrella come back to be with her? Did the umbrella ever leave her side? Mon Amour Mon Parapluie is a visual poem that illustrates both loss and fear. On one level it is about losing someone or something you love while on another level it is about losing a familiar and sheltered perspective on life.

Cast: Tara Hungerford, Mary Black

Directed by: Giada Dorberzenska

Writer(s): Tara Hungerford

Producer(s): Paul Armstrong

Executive Producer(s): Robin Chan, Tara Hungerford,
Giada Dorberzenska